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Welcome To Team Macy

On 20th December 2012 we had to say goodbye to Macy. The pain we felt that day as we held you in our arms and kissed you goodbye is still as fresh now as it was then. Every day of your life you fought to stay alive and your legacy will live on through all of us.

Team Macy was created in memory of a special girl who fought with every heartbeat against all the odds. She came into our lives and changed them forever. We will now fight every day of our lives to battle against this shocking and devastating birth defect - the one that kills more children in the UK than any other defect. We will raise awareness so that another family will understand the signs of CHD and know they are not alone on their journey. We will continue to raise money for genetic research so that one day we might even change the statistics of this childhood killer. In Macy's name, to give others a chance of the life she should have had. Macy has taught me so much. And I will always be eternally grateful that I was chosen to be her mummy xx

  Helen xx

Update 2017

Our Special thanks to Utopia Graphics for your Help

And a very special thanks to John Rodd, trying to hide somewhere on the Isle of Wight for all his help and patience with our all new Team Macy web-site

From Helen

Team Macy was chosen as one of the finalists in the ‘Heart FM Unsung Hero Awards 2017’.

This is the second time Team Macy has been nominated for an award, coming second in the Dacorum Unsung Heroes awards in 2014.

We are extremely grateful to have been nominated and I'm so touched that Team Macy is still so at the forefront in people's minds.

We are now over 4 years on after losing my baby girl. She was so inspiring but even as I stared at my beautiful baby, with all of those tubes, drains and her little open chest, I never realised how big the impact of my little fighter would be.

I wish with all my heart, every breath that I take, that things had turned out differently for her. That she had been given the chance of a longer life. Any life.  I have wished for many things throughout my life.... from wishing I could fly, wishing I was magic, wishing I could tour with Bros, and wishing Bryan Adams would pick my song to sing!!  But I have never wished for anything more than to have Macy in our lives.

And so it is bittersweet that her legacy fills my time. That the only way I can have part of her is to continue the legacy of Macy.  And so when we reach a new target, or when we achieve something new, or when we push ourselves with a challenge, when we raise awareness so that somebody somewhere recognises that their child could have a potentially life threatening issue, or when we raise more money, we do it with everything we've got. For her. To keep her memory alive.  We don't do it for recognition. It's all about doing anything we can to feel as though we have a small piece of her with us.

And by becoming a finalist in the Unsung Hero Awards Macy will be recognised as the true hero she was. For inspiring all you guys to join Team Macy and raise awareness and not forgetting the £62,000 raised so far in her name.

Thank you for nominating Team Macy and thank you Heart FM for recognising how special Macy was.

Macy will always be my hero.

The little girl that changed us all forever xx

Well done Macy

You are truly inspirational

Love you all the Bears and always will xx

A message from Paul Barton

 The Royal Brompton Hospital