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Blog Team Macy End to End Challenge

Week 2

Well it’s been a tough week for the intrepid Team Macy challengers, facing localised flooding enroute, making the journey perilous and soggy.

 Lorett, learning fast, remembered to check in this week, but did forget that she has a year to complete the challenge, running and walking 13% of the total miles in the first 2 weeks, loosing 3” in height and going through the soles of 12 pairs of walking boots!  Sharon Raine, realising she was lost at the end of last week, finally made it back on route after spending the night amongst a friendly herd of cows, and ended the week almost clocking 8% of the total journey!  

The Golden Oldies, Phil and Barb had again slowly but surely walked around the clock, stopping at every pub along the way for refreshments and toilet breaks, even going back twice to ‘The Masons Arms’ in Bodmin as the toilet there was clean and staff very friendly and managed to clock another 29 miles, despite the torrential floods and a small queue at the COVID-19 vaccine centre!  Helen, head down and running fool, managed to clock another fair few running miles this week, but that’s only because her sister Jo, hot on her heels, pretended to be chasing her with a large clump of stinging nettles, making up for years of emotional torment as a child!  

Debs had an amazing week this week, soon slip-streaming past George, who had paused to run round the River Hayle to make the week more challenging, and once Debs saw the open road, she hitched up a few gears, clocking an impressive 39 miles in the week!  Tan, intent on beating the other family members, took a wrong turn at The Innes Downes Interchange and headed off the A30 towards St Austell. Realising her mistake, when trespassing on farmland, the local farmer pointed her in the right direction after selling her a dozen sausages, 6 eggs and a Cornish Crackler mature local cheddar at a bargain price making a friend for life!  

Sharon Davies also managed to clock up a good distance, although did struggle to drag herself out in the rain and miss binge-watching ‘Sharp Objects’ a psychological thriller that made her too scared to run in the dark, instead deciding to listen to the soundtrack to drown out the sound of the traffic on the A30!  Mark, feeling his age this week and struggling to keep up with the young ones still managed an impressive 14.5 miles, swapping his running shoes for crocs halfway through really helped with completing the distance!

 Libby was blown off her bike this week so paused to rest and make a couple of batches of Viennese swirls and fulfil a rather large Etsy order. She was soon overtaken by Katie – who had managed to buy her souvenirs and start the race and actually became a front runner despite starting late.

  Charlotte who ran like the wind past her dad, was so embarrassed by the crocs, decided to put as much distance as she could between them and with the stress of an assignment now behind her she could fully concentrate on getting the distance done!  Pheebs, now into the flow of walking, covered an impressive 17 miles in 84 steps. Pausing only to light the candles on her daughter’s birthday cake!  Cath slowed down to let her husband catch her, having finally woken from his drunken picnic in Lands-End carpark, just about sobered up enough for their twin’s 13th birthdays, fuelled with cake, both clocked over 3% of the journey!  Kirsty too had a good week, after leaving the car park a week late having paused to finish a particularly difficult 8000 piece jigsaw, she soon overtook Paul K who, after clocking everyone else’s miles this week, forgot to clock his own and quite frankly, no one knows where he is now!  Our new team member Emily, arrived late at the carpark and started her journey immediately, fired up by the doubt of her own grandmother to actually complete the race, the determination showed in every step!

 Michelle also now sober from her week long boozy picnic in the Lands End carpark finally took to the road on her new bike, overtaking the walkers on the dual carriageway trying to catch up with someone she recognised but forgot to remind Richie Fell that the race had started.  Asleep for the first week and now moving from table to table in the picnic area finishing off the remnants of everyone else’s picnics, no one is really sure of the excuse as to why he hasn’t started – could it be Buzz, his new puppy with the incredibly short legs that is preventing Richie Fell from managing to leave the confines of the Lands End car park?.....

to be continued/

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Blog. Week 3 End to End Team Macy Challenge

Well, its finally happened, Richie Fell has left the carpark!  The race is on!  He stumbled out of Lands’ End a little worse for wear, small dog in tow whom he soon had to carry, and made up the miles fast, cycling blindly, sporting a fine hangover and soon overtook Michelle who had stopped several times to zoom call, teach math and send out 306 emails and after several bevvies, cycled backwards a few miles before realising.   

Luckily, Emily had tracked her on her spreadsheet, pointed her in the right direction and was last seen looking for geocaches in a tiny village near Treleigh.  Richie Fell, determined to make up for the last 2 weeks, overtook most of the party covering over 8% of the entire journey before stopping to compare a Cornish Cream tea to a Devonshire one. He then found his front wheel from his bike had been stolen just outside Launceston on the Cornwall/Devon border which slowed him down somewhat!

  The Daltons, meeting briefly before Tan ran ahead to catch up on some housework, also made good ground this week, despite Mark covering the distance using a new dance move called the ‘runny walky’ which I’ve heard is a mix between disco and funky chicken, following too many strong Ales at the Harbour Brewery in Bodmin.  Charlotte almost moving the length of a full marathon, waited for Katie to catch up whilst having a quick cocktail at the Blisland Inn just inside Bodmin Moor, where they watched George, making a quick detour to make the journey more challenging, ‘off-roading’ round the granite outcrops and expanse of grasslands, not realising that she was being overtaken by the stealth runner Debs, mainly running in the cover of darkness so she could sneak past her friend whilst she was too busy climbing over particularly tough terrain!  

Another night-time mover, out of daylight hours, running, perhaps being chased was Jo, still unsure where her errant husband was who, was still too busy plotting names on the map to remember to plot himself and remained almost back at the start!

 Libby wondering why her Aunt sneaked past her dressed head to toe in camouflage, would have caught up but stopped to do a few ab workouts whilst waiting for the Viennese biscuits to finish cooking that she had promised Tan back at the Lands End carpark.  Richie Parker, having slowed his wife Cath down by his boozy antics in the carpark, now overtook her, possibly due to wearing his brand new Skecher running shoes, with their iconic design and premium materials fused together to achieve the ultimate in comfort and style.  

The Clarks, trying desperately not to be overtaken by the cyclists cutting across the footpath and making them walk in the mud, tortoised on – checking the map crossing over to Devon, avoiding oncoming traffic on the A30 whilst carrying a large front wheel from a familiar looking mountain bike, being just beaten by their eldest daughter Sharon who bored of walking had decided to see what the fuss was about and donned a pair of Richie Parkers running shoes to cover more ground!

 Helen, the running fool, just behind, head down and pounding pavements, completely unaware she had crossed the county border into Devon, or that she was allowed to stop, focused only on the road ahead.  

Sharon Davies, air pods rocking, running but still looking glam, doubling the distance of Kirsty, who mistakenly thought this challenge far easier than the ‘dopey challenge’ of previous years, allowed herself to drop her game, almost being caught by our newest member of the Team, Baz from Dover, who had already managed to complete 31 miles on his bike, unsuspectingly gaining ground on Pheebs, who with her continued long stride covered another 11 miles in 11 steps, but realising she was dropping back, decided to join the spreadsheet gang to improve output.  Baz from Dover, cogs flying, unaware that ahead of him 2 golden oldies lay in wait for another unsuspecting cyclist to pilfer from! And last but not least Lorett, who is actually first not last, still unaware of the 12 month deadline and determined to finish in as little time as possible, again forgetting to check in but is likely somewhere between Lands End and John O Groates last seen at Exeter Cathedral!

And the good news is all 23 members of the Team Macy Clan are moving the length of Britain to strengthen their own hearts whilst raising a fantastical £305 so far.

Go Team Macy

Week 4

Well, it’s been a tough week seeing the end to our first month of moving the length of Britain.  The daring team have battled through snowstorms and floods, but despite this, 8 out of the 23 have reached and pushed past the 100-mile marker!!

There was a small gathering of family and friends at Okehampton Castle to welcome the group in, 100-mile flags flapping dangerously in the near tornado winds whistling through the castle ruins – the largest castle in Devon so we were told by a curious local.   Lorett’s family, long gone and home in the warm after Lorett passed through at breakneck speed, only having time to slow and wave, determined to make it to Somerset in time for a local tea of cheddar cheese on toast.  Sharon Raine, running and walking, also didn’t stop long for family and friends to congratulate her before she hot footed her way over the ruins in the heart of the Devon countryside.

The Golden Oldies, seeing the snow, stayed in the warm drinking red wine in front of an open fire in The Red Deer Inn, in Shobrooke, but still managed to make it way past the ruins, pausing only to take selfies and to hide the front wheel of Richie Fells bike in the shrubbery.

Running fool Helen, the only runner to be seen for miles when the snowstorm hit – paying for it on her ‘Chubb rub run’ which we are told, is a running term for the chaffing of thighs after long runs in the rain or snow, was barely able to sit down and eat the much-needed jelly beans with her family at the castle ruins.

George and Debbie, struggling with the weather changes and dodging snow showers still kept the pressure on, by running and cycling before resting with the rest of the mob at the castle ruins – George cycling double the distance after losing her buddy at the start of the final week and turning back, and back again in the hope to find her, not realising that going backwards just means more miles again forwards – yet somehow still relishing the challenge!

Richie Fell, the final team member to make it to the 100-mile marker, still carrying his one wheeled bicycle, but stumbling across a strange wheel shaped snow man at the castle ruins – bike back in one piece and determined now to pick up the pace in the next coming month.

Michelle, losing focus slightly when thinking about her next bucket list challenge despite only being so many miles into this one – suddenly remembered to up the miles and clocked an impressive 19 miles – over double of the week before!

Jo, head down and running through the flooded roads, getting soaked by all the passing tractors on the A30, small tearful child wrapped round her ankles, unaware that Charlotte close behind, using Jo as a human shield against the wind and rain, despite being 3 feet taller, both unaware that a few more miles would see them at the 1-ton party point where hot chocolates and warm blankets would be waiting to greet them.

Libby, munching on free Deliveroo Subway, kindly delivered to somewhere in the middle of Dartmoor National Park, by a hot guy on a moped, who assured her the bill had been paid already and still walking in her PJ’s as refusing to get dressed at any point!

Mark, now long overtaken by his daughter, but picking up the speed so he couldn’t hear his wife who had turned into a banshee FOMOOR (like a FOMO but for runners (fear of missing out on running) due to a nasty thigh injury, making her grumpy – and also making Helen run harder despite the chapped thighs for fear of Tan catching her and shouting at her for setting such a ridiculous challenge in the first place, Tan slowing to a walking pace and hating every moment of the wind, the rain, the snow, the miles, the thigh all whilst talking to the fraud squad about some suspect activity on her credit card where, it seems, someone had been ordering takeaway on her account!

Sharon Davies, bored of the time that walking takes also upped the running this week, overtaking Katie who was struggling to stay upright on a particularly nasty bit of black ice just outside Lifton on the A30.

The Parkers, failing to battle the bad weather conditions, decided instead to stay inside and holed themselves up in a nice pub called the Blue Anchor Inn in Penhale, despite Richie P still being dressed from head to toe in his neon yellow running clothes!

Pheebs had a difficult week this week and found the challenge particularly challenging, despite managing another 17 miles in 48 steps, long stride leaving Emily and Kirsty behind, unaware that she still had another 40 odd miles to get to the 1-ton checkpoint where her family were still waiting in the snow, with homemade treats to keep her going.

Emily really put the power in despite the wicked weather conditions, making it halfway to the check point where she knew her poor grandmother stood shivering in the snow waiting for her and managed to clock almost as many miles this week as in previous weeks combined!

Kirsty, used to running marathons but not really understanding the challenge markers, ran with no purpose, no check ins and suddenly realising the rules, really started to dig the heels in, pounding the pavement like there’s no tomorrow!  Must be something about marathon runners as Paul K, another rule breaker, failed again to clock any miles despite running around like a headless chicken, perhaps he will reach the check point next week??

And lastly, but by no means last our late joiner Baz from Dover, already chasing the tails of the others at the 50-mile marker, determined to catch Richie and the other cyclists up out front and making it to the Blue Anchor pub to meet with Rich and Cath, but deciding last minute that neon yellow was not his colour so standing the other side of the bar to the lycra!

The rest of the family and friend groups, half frozen in the snow, flags and banners drooping, will have to wait to next week to see if their beloved family members can get moving a little quicker to make it to the 100-mile party point! –

 Go Team Macy