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Week 5

Well, we’ve finished the month, stepping or wheeling into our second month of the challenge and a 12th of the way through!  Another tough week full of injury and misfortune…

The Golden Oldies appeared to get into some trouble this week as disaster struck them.  Their purpose built, customized, double Zimmer frame had a problem.  The cutting-edge, aerodynamically designed rubber foot caught in an uneven section of hard shoulder on the M5, and being unable to move, their only option was to call the RZA (Roadside Zimmer Assistance), who, as per pre-signed agreement, were there within the hour, new rubber foot and a go-faster-stripe in situ and they were back off, before they could even finish their packed picnic lunch!

Sharon Davies, kitted out in her new bum shaping lycra, risking forest fires by leaving a static trail in her wake, whizzed past the 100 mile mark this week, allowing her boys to finally make their way home from the freezing castle ruins, grateful that her new ‘Sweaty Betty’ gym pants refused to slip down even a cm – which did have its drawbacks when squatting on the banks of the River Creedy for a wee stop!

Another ‘Sweaty Betty’ Helen, the running fool, finally after months of therapy, being diagnosed with Obsessive Compulsive Running Disorder (OCRD) now having to switch sweat bands to soak up the residue every 3-4 miles and gaining a new name of Forest Dump after a rather unfortunate lack of facilities mid-run!

A large party gathered this week at the ruins of the castle to check out Sharon’s new lycra, as Jo, Tan, Mark and Charlotte all made it to the 100 mile marker point – having to dig their loved ones out of the frozen soil, stopping only briefly to roller out the injuries before continuing the journey – tag teaming Tan so each could listen to her list of woes before moving on discreetly – while the remaining families set up a more permanent residence which was starting to look a bit like a scout camp, in the hope that their loved ones would pick the pace up and make it to check in before the Spring!

One definitely not in the slow but sure group was Lorette, steaming ahead she managed almost 60 miles in the week, and thanks to the Covid-19 vaccine, the rest of the team can stave off their embarrassment as this appears to have slowed her down with its nasty side effects, allowing at least some miles of catch up and possibly allowing her support crew family to make it to the next 100-mile check in ahead of her after missing her at the 200-mile mark!

Debbie, another one struggling, managed to carry her injury only to 5.5 miles before collapsing in a heap just outside Dartmoor at a beautifully quaint pub called Ye Olde Thatched Inn at Cheriton Bishop, where after 8 pints and a home-made lasagne, decided that running was over-rated anyway and cycling would be the way forward (she was just not sure by that point which way was forward!)

George, having just run round the River Yeo for a bit more of a challenge, luckily seeing her friend stumbling trying to mount a Beryl Bike backwards, pint in hand, decided they would hole up in the Inn and restart again after a much-needed full English the following morning.

Sharon Raine, sick of the sound of the couch to 5K app, threw her phone over a bridge over the Broughton Brook on the M5, and was last seen wading in the reeds trying to retrieve it after realising she couldn’t count her miles without it!

The Parkers struggled to get the miles done this week, Rich, still dressed head to toe in lycra, just ahead of his wife who had dusted off the old cycle to get some mileage in, both making it to the 50-mile marker and beyond!

Michelle, also feeling effects of the Covid-19 vaccine, having asked Tan for some ‘buddy’ miles to help her with her motivation this week, was only expecting a gentle stroll, but managed a respectable 23 miles – also making it past the 50-mile marker and being the first crew member to use swimming to eat up the miles, albeit whilst still wearing walking boots through a particularly boggy part of the Cornwall countryside just outside of Bodmin!

Emily and Katie each walking their miles on the tough terrain of the A30, with Kirsty running ahead determined to speed up, knowing she soon would not have time for anything else with the imminent release of the London Marathon ballot next week!  Pheebs covering another 20 miles in 20 strides, whilst baking, working and home schooling her way across Cornwall and into Devon also made it past the 50-mile marker this week.

Richie Fell forgot to pause at check-in and was last seen slip-streaming a Harley Davidson just outside Ye Olde Thatched Inn having got his ‘full English’ to go!  Another failing to check in whilst too busy plotting on the map was poor Paul, still at the 20-mile mark, raring to go, but failing to move again.  Somebody wake that boy up!

Baz doubled his total miles this week alone, cycling through the cold, refusing to wear lycra but admitting that there is a reason one has a pad sewn through the liner of cycling shorts as he perfected his John Wayne walk following a particularly tough ride!

Libby spent more time making phone cases, chatting to friends on snapchat and rewatching Friends for the 76th time than she did moving this week, forgetting the challenge altogether when stopping to watch a particularly odd bird wading in the muddy banks of the Broughton Brook wearing a jacket not dissimilar to one she had seen her Aunt wear the week before!

And that was it, January disappeared as quick as a burst blister and by now the Team should have made it to the 72 mile mark!

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Blog Week 6

Well, what a week it’s been, with the Team Macy crew facing arctic conditions in sub-zero temperatures.  The floods were replaced with snow and ice, causing havoc and disarray

enroute.  For the very first time the gang could include figure skating and bobsleigh racing in their mileage – although for some, the danger was just too high and a better option appeared to be snuggling in front of a warm fire in jammies with a glass of vino rather than getting out in the cold to get those miles done.  They will be named and shamed this week!!

Jo decided the time was right to wear her new running shoes this week, unfortunately picking the day before the snow settled, having to hot foot it off roading through a farmer’s field, almost being shot by an angry farmer and tearing her new running top on a barbed wire fence to avoid the flooding on the M5 at Mutterton!  Shoes intact, she ran on, binoculars swinging around her neck for the bird watching mid-route, having seen a whole roost of red kites in one eyeball earlier!

Another group of trekkers, pausing to bird watch, or maybe a ruse to actually sit and watch Netflix was Michelle, Emily and Paul Kenny, all who clocked a miserable 0 miles this week and gaining an impressive first entry on to the shame board – amazing really when one covers miles going to the loo several times per day - all were literally frozen to the frostbitten ground and unable to move to even switch channels or answer the door to the Deliveroo guy!  Frozen in time like little popsicles, some catching up to do when the big thaw comes next week with more focus and motivation required!

Libby, Katie and Baz all made it to and past the 100 mile check point this week, finally allowing Craig the Butcher (Libby’s pretend boyfriend) and the other family members to get home before the freezing temperatures stuck them like fossils to the rockface forever.  Libby wrapped up like an Antarctic explorer covered most of her miles in 1 walk, making it almost to Exeter, with Katie hot on her tail determined to catch her for some chocolate muffins she had baked earlier.  Baz struggling to walk again after a particularly cold cycle where his bike wheels actually froze to the tarmac at one point.  Probably due to kerb-crawling so slowly to watch a strange lady perform a most bizarre ritual dance, Gangnam styling it up the M5 in Exeter.

Sharon Davies, unaware of the audience, decided to combine running with metafit classes, unaware that not only dangerous, but also not counting towards the mileage, in fact a strange and pointless pastime, that only served to keep others amused at her weird bottom wiggling – at least well supported by her Sweaty Betty leggings!

The Parkers did not meet their target miles again this week, with no excuses given but a promise of brighter and speedier things next week as their poor twins still waited for them at the 100-mile party point.  Pheebs’ family was also still waiting for her to reach the party point, although almost a whispering distance away, managing 15 miles again in 15 steps!

The Golden Oldies did not let the frozen conditions stop them this week, swapping to snow tyres on their dual zimmer, pausing only to let a strange androgynous person spin past them bearing a fleeting resemblance to their second (and favourite) daughter, icicles flying from several sweat bands as they continued their slowly but surely journey on towards Bridgewater in Somerset.

Helen, the running fool, managed 2 half marathons this week, sweat band freezing causing her to look like she had an odd facelift and with the deep voice caused by the Easterly Beasterly wind, completing the look of a drag queen whilst spinning and twisting arabesque style across the frozen puddles on the M5 feeling like Torvill, but looking more like Dean.

Sharon Raine, completing week 5 on the Couch to 5K despite the poor weather, cursing every step of the way, teaching the locals more expletives than they had ever heard before in the west country, was almost caught up this week by George, but due to running up and down Lydeard Hill in Somerset several times for more of a challenge, just missed catching up with her to learn a new set of swear words that she could surely pass on to her friend Debs, who a few miles behind was stuck in a rather icy bog, covered from head to toe in freezing mud, scaring the locals who thought they had seen the Dead River Witch, an old Somerset Folklore tale that had now moved into the 21st century!

Kirsty managed a short sharp 7 miler this week, still struggling to make it through Cornwall, but the race was on between the Daltons, Tan just surging ahead by 0.8 miles in front of her husband, her competitive nature spurring her through the snow and ice whilst Charlotte dropped a couple of miles back as she had to stop to post her Etsy goodies, joining a rather long Post Office queue at Collompton in the Exeter countryside.

Lorett, not feeling it this week, still managed an impressive full marathon and made it all the way to Gloucestershire!

And better late than never, Richie Fell, also managing impressive mileage as he reached the Wellington interchange of the M5 and found a rather nice cosy pub serving full roasts called the Iron Duke, although less impressed by the trail of mud all over the carpet as an odd lady sat at the bar singing Karaoke tunes dressed head to toe in what smelt like bog residue determined to put him off his dinner!

Another week was done.  Please don’t forget to share our fundraising page this week, although most will have no time after playing catch up with the mileage!

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Blog Week 7 and 8

Is it the hint of spring that is in the air, or the threat of the board of shame I wonder, but something has finally managed to give our team a big push these past 2 weeks covering over 1000 miles between them!  

As crocuses push up from the thawing soil, birds gather twigs for their nests, and the warmer weather teases us into believing spring is upon us, 23 sets of feet and 10 cycle wheels and 4 smaller, but finely proportioned top-of-the-range alloy zimmer wheels, thunder up the hard shoulder of the M5.

One set of feet however leaves no footprints, as she dances, gazelle like in new running shoes, unaware of the distance she travels, as George has finally, after 3 years, purchased a pair of top-notch footwear.  Fast before, now like a speeding bullet, wind in her hair, flying warp speed, hardly needing the new trainers as feet barely touch tarmac, forward a mile, then returning to re-run it (for more of a challenge!), passing her friend Debbie as she also breaks in new runners, competitive natures spurring them on and covering more distances than they care to admit (and admitting the distance to each other may cause one to run further next time!)

Another still breaking in new trainers – or possibly they are breaking her, is Jo, head set on upping the running miles this week, even if her expensive runners give her blisters and cause her to limp for 6 solid days after – determined not to admit defeat and drag the old ones back out of the cupboard, she drags her broken body onwards and upwards towards the 200 mile marker but stops just shy in a heap!

Cath also managed to get in an amazing 46 miles over the past fortnight, doing a third of her total miles in one week! Both her and hubbie cross and pass the 100-mile party point where family members stood perplexed as no one had told them it was a fancy dress party as Richie Parker crossed the line dressed as a St Trinian - knee high socks rocking the look!

Another fancy dresser this week, poor Paul K, finally dragged himself out of Cornwall and caught the main bulk of the team up in one week, at last checking in and getting past the 100 mile marker – running with blood pouring from his gushing nose, after being hit in the face by the ‘Board of Shame’ but refusing to stop now he had started, and ending the week with the appearance of a Halloween horror spectacular, frightening women and small children as he passed through the border of Devon.

Spirits were definitely flying at the Campbell camp as Michelle finally put down her bottle of vodka and took to the road, cycling her furthest distance in a week, however being overtaken on the second week by the notorious ‘Board of Shame’ as one small puppy slowed down any further movement!

Sharon Davies had a bad week on week 7 although still managed a respectful 18.76 miles, maybe struggling as her Sweaty Betty’s were in the wash as she stopped just 0.76 miles from the 150-mile marker, however the following week made up for this performance as she almost doubled her miles on week 8, Sweaty Bettys back in place on sweaty bottoms!

Another Sharon, this time Raine, still doing the couch to 5K, now almost finished, however managing to pause her running app and then restart it from the beginning by accident and with more swearing than a Tourette’s party, she covered far more miles than expected this fortnight!  Being pipped by her running fool sweaty bottom sister Helen, head down, feet pounding, occasionally being directed by the crowds of supporters, luckily as she had no clue where she was running to and still hadn’t found the off switch and running over 60 miles in the fortnight!  

Tan, back in the running shoes and ready to rock, struggled to keep within the allotted physio mileage as raring to get back in the game and all moaned out, injury holding off and back in the racing seat!  Hubbie and daughter struggling to keep up as the Dalton clan covered an impressive 133 miles between them to finish this month!

Libby, frightened almost to a standstill this week as a familiar man, dressed in Halloween attire dripping blood jumped out in front of her as she struggled to keep hold of the chocolate muffins and 2kg chocolate hamper she was busy selling raffle tickets for to passers-by for her world challenge, grabbed her bike and sung loudly to herself to stop the nightmares!

Emily had a bad week in week 7 and spent most of her time on Zoom calls rather than zooming towards Launceston on the A30!, however managed to up the pace for the last week in Feb, cheered on by Pheebs,  who managed another 36 miles in 36 steps, pausing only to ensure the rest of the team were coping, mopping brows, handing out plasters and sugary snacks to keep everyone’s spirits up.  

Richie Fell and Kirsty, alarmed at the sight of roadkill as the bloody Paul K stormed past them, both froze, and forgot to log their miles at all!  Katie, intent on reaching Libby for a chocolate muffin, didn’t even notice the Halloween horror spectacular as she curiously wondered why a grown man would be running past her dressed as a naughty schoolgirl!

Lorett had another amazing fortnight, now fully recovered from the Covid vaccine, delivering post as she walked between Stafford and Warrington and almost reaching the 400-mile party point!

And slow but very sure on 4-wheel traction, the Golden Oldies again put everyone to shame as they reached the 220-mile marker already moving through 4 counties, making it to the ¼ of the journey mark in just 2 months!

Together the Team have moved 4013 miles – covering the length of Great Britain 4 ½ times over! And have raised an impressive £360.  Let’s see if we can increase this amount in the next few weeks to make our mileage worth it.

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