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Our newest Grandchild Macy, you were only here a while

No time to share a giggle, I never saw your smile

Just hours after you were born we met for the first time

A little bundle soft and new with features small and fine.

Dressed as a wizard Libby met me and showed me to your side

And there sat Mum, Dad, Sam, and Nan, with smiles so big and wide

A few days later you were home, and I held you in my arm

I wished that day that if I could, I'd keep you safe from harm.

I kissed you as I held you tight and much to my surprise

You only moved your head a bit and I thought I saw your eyes

The midwife called to visit you, and thought things weren't right

So back to hospital you went, re-admitted that same night.

With Blue Lights Flashing they transferred you in the cold and frosty air

To the Royal Brompton Hospital, specialists in paediatric care

After lots of tests and scans, they found your heart was poor and ailing

An operation was arranged to stop your heart from failing.

For five hours of surgery you fought, the team thought you did well

You had all our wishes, prayers and love but only time could tell

The next few weeks were very hard, to see you in that way

With tubes and wires and an open chest as in your cot you lay.

We took it in turns to be with you, your mum always by your side

Every day had ups and downs, an emotional roller coaster ride

Oh how you fought to cling to life, both every day and night

You fought so hard my little one, for things to turn out right.

But your brave fight had weakened you, our Warrior Princess

The many battles you fought and won, really put you to the test

We watched and held you to the end as you slowly lost your fight

You passed away so peacefully in arms that held you tight.

Every day as you fought so hard I offered up a prayer

But stupid me, I realize now that there is nobody there

What little faith I had is gone, along with all belief

I'm just your Gramps with a very sad heart, because it's filled with grief.

If you had lived, I promised you, that we would be best of friends

But in my heart you will always live till the day that my life ends.


From Gramps