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A proud Godfather

So many reasons to be sad, but many to be glad

A shame you couldn't stay with us but another job you had

God needed you to leave us here and wonder why oh why?

Just look around the good you've done to random passers by

I look around me everywhere and see the good you've done

Such a tragic loss for us but strangers now have won

For all those people touched by you many we've never known

Had something stirred inside of them amazing how it's grown

I prayed for you with all my might many times a day

I broke apart when I found out God had taken you away

Why o why I said, I was convinced He'd let you stay

But now I understand a different purpose to this lay

The world you left behind for us will never be the same

Forever has been stamped on it your beautiful little name

We mourn and weep feel pain so deep but smile at thoughts of you

The impact on our daily lives a reminder we are all just passing through

I'm pleased as punch I had you in my life though short and sweet

If I achieve a fraction of what you did I'll consider it a feat

I only held you in my arms one time so precious and dear

What an honour given me to hold you tight and near

As I sit here writing this tears rolling down my cheeks

I think proudly of all the things been done in just a few short weeks

All because of within you a special something lay

The good you've done means to me you're with me everyday

I am proud beyond words that I was to be a Godfather to you

I only wish I'd had the chance to guide you straight and true

My dear darling Macy now that God has set you free

Please look down from time to time and ask Him to guide me

Jeff’s Poem