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Blog week 9

The Spring feeling continues for our intrepid movers this week with some egg-cellent miles covered by most.  and is it because Easter is round the corner that the yokes keep coming, leaving our team with slightly odd behaviour this week I wonder?

One such oddity is the carrying of bizarre ingredients whilst moving the length of Britain.  A strange but simple pastime, not to be knocked, as by using an egg as a relay baton this week really got Emily moving far further than seen in recent weeks.  This behaviour, although odd in humans is often seen by male King Penguins during nesting season, however it was made even more strange as on passing the egg-baton to Baz, Emily also passed him her fancy dress pink tutu, and the last image we have of him was of his pink bottom bouncing in the saddle towards Somerset carrying said egg down his pants after realising he had no pockets and needed both hands to travel safely!

Less King Penguin, more groundhog, was Jo.  Eat, sleep, walk, run, repeat.  

George covered some big miles this week, even without the help of egg-baton as she overtook Baz at such speed, she was totally unaware she caused the egg to scramble.  After covering almost 65 miles this week and reaching West Bromwich, she promptly turned round and was last seen running at night as she headed back towards Land’s End to make the journey more challenging!

Mark, blinded by the head torch of a speedy runner, running the wrong way down the hard shoulder of the M5, stumbled into a nearby water runoff and became the first person to include swimming within his miles this week, continuing his journey smelling like rotten eggs!

Not that his wife Tan had noticed his sudden disappearance from the roadside as her and her daughter Charlotte were too egg-cited by the midnight shopping in the local Tesco’s in Gloucestershire!  Libby, having caught them up, nipped in to buy 3 dozen eggs for her chocolate muffins she was busy making for World Challenge, to find that the shelves in the egg aisle were bare, unaware that Somerset was housing its first ever ‘walk with an egg’ event, suddenly now a new craze after the Tik Tok clip Katie had posted of a strange egg-baton and man with scrambled egg down his clothes!

And groundhog Jo meanwhile continued eat, sleep, walk, run repeat.

Michelle, stopping to clean the egg from her puppies paws every few minutes, managed to slip the Board of Shame from around her ankle mid cycle, suddenly less weighed down she was able to get a good few miles done, spurred on by the anger directed at her son, teaching Sharon Raine a fair few new swear words in the process! Sharon, almost now at an end of her couch to 5K, swearing at an all-time high with her newfound words as she slipped and shimmied over what looked like raw egg of all things, which was definitely not mentioned on the running app, and made her adjust her newfound running style to one much more like a King Penguin.

Less King Penguin, more groundhog, was Jo.  Eat, sleep, walk, run, repeat.  

Richie Fell, meanwhile, snuggled up on the Couch to 5K with his feet up, hadn’t read to the end and thinking the couch was just a nice resting point, sat with a bowl of dippy egg and soldiers, was knocked clean out by the Board of Shame, now attached squarely round his neck, pinning him onto said couch and managing to clock an embarrassing zero miles this week!  This however was lucky for Richard and Cath this week as they also suffered from a bad case of over-eggcitement and stopped to rest far more than move this week!

No resting for groundhog Jo, eat, sleep, walk, run repeat.

And another having no rest at all, and now at almost the halfway point, was Lorett, who had now walked through 8 counties, making it to the border of Warrington before the end of week 9, was well and truly miles ahead of the rest of the Team, deciding that a year was far too long to complete the challenge!

The Golden Oldies continued cracking on with their slow but steady pace on to Gloucester as they plodded day and night, hips aching as they dodged the many Covidiots refusing to move aside to let their double zimmer through,  almost reaching the 250-mile point, but stopping just short to have of glass wine and a ham and egg tea at the Brewhouse and Kitchen at Gloucester Quays!

Running Fool Helen, unaware of the new eggciting challenge, and totally missing the egg-baton continued, head down and feet pounding, glancing up only once as she tripped over a groundhog, curled up rocking slowly with the boredom, egg dripping from the corner of its lips!

Groundhog Jo, meanwhile, was startled out of the monotony of eat, sleep, walk, run repeat momentarily!

Another with pounding feet was Debbie this week, as still struggling to keep her feet warm whilst cycling, was last seen wearing fluffy bunny slippers to see if this improved the situation, unaware that it could end in disaster if the bunny’s ears got caught in the chain!

Pheebs managed a good few miles also this week, stretching her long legs and egging the others on as she now had covered almost 20% of the total mileage.  And although Sharon D thought she needed egging on, she still managed to egg-ceed the recommended weekly mileage, smashing her way through to almost the 200-mile mark!

Paul K, now presentable after last week’s haunted horror night fancy dress, got through another running shirt as some guy dressed in a tutu passed him at full speed, spilling scrambled egg all over him and swerving across the road, knocking Kirsty into a water run-off, where she found another Team Member wading through the eggy stench like a penguin!

And so, another week ended with the Team Macy members with egg on their faces, though nothing could stop them from smiling as another anonymous donation hit the fundraising page!

Go Team Macy x

Round up of March Blog

End to End Team Macy Challenge

And before Richie Fell has time to blink – which I’ve heard takes longer than average but no judgement here, March is over.  We are now ¼ of the way through our challenge and we each should have by now moved past the 218-mile quarter way through point.   And I’m pleased to say that so far 16 of the Team Macy movers have gone beyond this point, leaving a few stragglers to catch up later in the year.  The sun continues to show its beautiful face, allowing the Team more time for outdoor moving, so hopefully Spring can force itself into the steps of our 7 Team Members that are yet to reach the target.

Our Golden Oldies have yet again shown that age is just a number as they snail’s pace it through Stafford heading to Warrington.  Pausing only for wee breaks and snack stops, taking in the best of the British countryside, new built in cup holders attached to their hybrid Zimmer, filled to bursting with red wine as they merrily plod their way on their northerly route, brushing the dust off their tapered alloy as Lorett kicks up a dust storm as she staggeringly makes it past the ¾ way point to central Scotland covering a whacking 78% of the journey!  And not even pausing to listen to the congratulatory crowd, she has only the end in sight, as she zooms speedily ahead, or perhaps being chased by 2 rather large Easter bunnies??

Debbie really upped her pace again over March – was this due to being without a car?  Or was it the sight of George going up the Beacon Hill in Lancashire for the 7th time to make things more challenging, enough to spur her on as they both reached the halfway point in 3 months, last seen heading on to Cumbria!

Running Fool Helen, continued her strange running style of head down, feet forward, stooped almost double under the pressure of the recent hills, not even looking up to see the sculptures of the woodland walk in Sankey Valley Park in Warrington and pausing only to re-adjust excoriated skin from ‘joggers’ friction’ and to poo behind a particularly well placed 9 arched bridge on the woodland trail!

Sharon Raine, dragging furniture up the road to her new pad – a move long in the pipeline and very much awaited, but not using this as an excuse to lower the miles, still managed to get to the 38% marker.  Now a fully accomplished runner, having completed the couch to 5K, her next challenge to get the couch up the 3 storeys of her new townhouse!  A challenge far more exhausting than her newfound love/hate of running!  Made more exhausting by the fact that certain team members had curled up on the couch prior to her dragging it up 3 flights!

Tan and Sharon D had an eventful few weeks, both moving far more mileage than originally planned – mainly due to forgetful and irresponsible behaviour!  Tan firstly lost her mobile and had to back track several miles to recover it, passing Sharon D rummaging around in undergrowth of the Cotswolds, whilst on the scout for lost house keys dropped mid-run!

And talking of irresponsible behaviour – it amazes me how Jo Kenny can be so organised on a run to have enough tissue to wipe her forever drippy nose constantly, yet her husband forgets and after suffering another mid-run nosebleed is again left looking like the ending of a horror story, blood dripping down his face as he ducks into a nearby subway to turn his sodden T-shirt inside out to prevent scaring passers-by, but getting reported by said passers-by for strange activities in their local underpass!  3 hours later after several attempts of an explanation to a local copper, they finally release him with a warning of not returning to West Bromwich anytime soon!

Baz from Dover, another with a pedalling mission to get as far away from the horrors of West Bromwich after witnessing a horrific incident involving a man covered in blood with a T-shirt over his head in an underpass surrounding by what appeared to be members of a SWAT team,  as he reaches just over 38% of his total journey in 3 months – likely due to the newly adorned padded cycling shorts that he finally gave in to, and now loving so much that his wife has refused to go out shopping to Tesco’s with him unless he wears something much more appropriate!

Pheebs is another great mover this month, burning double calories due to her immense height, covering more miles than steps, passing through Gloucester completely unaware of the road blockage ahead as police officers circle an underpass in West Bromwich!

Libby, busy as always and totally unaware of the kerfuffle involving one of her favourite uncles in a nearby underpass, continued cooking, creating, selling, revising, cycling and walking, rising at 6am every day and going to bed way past midnight as there just doesn’t ever seem to be enough hours in the day for all her ventures and managed still to get to 30% of her total journey and the only one up till now to get this far wearing PJ’s and slipper socks!

Marky D just managed to overtake Katie at the end of March, both finishing the month just within the ¼ distance marker.  Marky D showing no chivalry as he pushes past Katie to end the month ahead!

Sadly, the competitive Dalton head misses his daughter as, struggling with night shifts, Charlotte just fails short to arrive at the ¼ mile marker, and for the first time so far in this challenge almost grabbing hold of the board of shame in her sleep as she tries to master the art of shift working!

As Richie Fell reaches down the back of Sharon Raines couch to grab the last of the popcorn spilt whilst watching Dancing on Ice on catchup, he finds a set of keys that he believes are not his own.  And as the couch bounces up the 25th stair, Richie starts to get cross as his favourite programme is being ruined by the noise, the keys slip down the back of the couch once again and Richie promptly forgets about them, as Richie Parker and his wife Cath, Michelle, Emily and Kirsty all join Richie to watch the final briefly, failing to get to the ¼ way check in, prosecco flowing freely on Sharon Raine’s new carpet as the said couch finally comes to a rest after a 5K uphill struggle to its new home.

But who will be wearing the Board of Shame as March comes to a close?  One can only presume that it will be one of our failed check in non-movers, however as our strange English weather can flip between sunbathing to snowball making in one fell swoop, lets hope our non-movers can make equally opposing moves and go from couch potatoes to 5K’ers to make it back on track to our Team Macy End to End Challenge before the Board of Shame comes to rest in a more permanent position!!

Go Team Macy x