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Hi everyone

What do we do with the Money we raise ?

This is a short video from Doctor Paul Barton from

the genetics research department at the

Royal Brompton Hospital

I hope it explains the vital work they are carrying out and our contribution to that important work.

Go team Macy

From Helen

I know there are lots of questions regarding the closure of cardiac surgery at The Brompton and other major cardiac hospitals. As soon as I have official news on how we can fight this together I will let you know. Cardiac groups are gathering info and soon there will be an official petition raised. There is a lot of worry that at the moment there are a few petitions going round but this might become detrimental if people think they have signed it already and it's not the official one

Team Macy has so far raised over £50,000 and over £41,000 has been donated to The Brompton over the past 3 years. Although we are a small fish in a big ocean I am confident that the 4,000 plus people reading our updates will all help in the big scheme of things to save our nearest cardiac hospital and one of the leading cardiac hospitals in the world

Go Team Macy


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