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Team Macy End to End Challenge

Blog – a virtual ‘move’ the length of Great Britain – this blog will follow the challenge for Team Macy to run, walk, swim or cycle the 874 miles from end to end.  Please read this in the good humour that it is has been written.  Due to Covid-19 restrictions this challenge is being completed ‘virtually’ by each entrant obviously following social distance ruling safely.  We are completing the challenge by moving the distance close to our homes then plotting these against the map.

The Start

The challenge is soon to begin, at Lands-End the most westerly point of the headland within the Penwith Peninsula.  From the car park to the east, you can see the English Channel.  To the west is the Celtic Sea.

It’s New Years Day, a new start to a new year and 21 intrepid members of Team Macy are all raring to begin their 874-mile trip across England to bonny Scotland.  Armed with face masks and alco gel, they have a year to complete their challenge – however some of the Team feel quite cocky over this and as the gun fires at the start of the race, several members of the Team Macy squad are nowhere to be seen!!

After a boozy lunch in the Lands-End car park, Richie Parker, Richie Fell and Michelle have fallen asleep unaware that the race has begun.  Kirsty decided to take a few more photos of the beautiful landscape, forgetting that she ought to have started already.  Katie, after joining the group late, is in the souvenir shop buying gifts for her friends, stuck in the queue behind a tourist intent on buying each and every one of his family back home a gift in the shape of a Cornish cream tea! The Golden Oldies Phil and Barb, our oldest members of the team, after several trips to the toilet have gotten off to a great start.  Slowly but surely, they were overtaken by almost everyone before even getting out of the car park, however slow and steady wins the race!!  Helen is running like there’s no tomorrow, the running fool, head down and pounding the pavements speeds off ahead, soon running out of steam and being overtaken by sister Sharon Raine who offers no assistance, instead, not even wearing walking boots, she is soon so far ahead the others think she may be lost!

Mark heads up the Dalton clan, surely not for long as his competitive wife will soon realise that he is ahead of her at the close of the first week.  Tan has actually stopped mid run, to chat to a local, walking a rather large red dog, and his wife, and his neighbour’s sister-in-law, and is soon having afternoon tea with them all at their local, the Heron On The Ford (which I’m told is one of the greatest pubs in the area).  And as Charlotte draws ever closer to her dad and even passes Tan, on her 4th scone at the Heron with the owner and his wife, she soon realises running is hard work and slows down to a fine walking pace giving Libby the chance to catch up with her - which is lucky as Libby forgot what she was doing and as well as running, walking and cycling has also made 16 face masks, 12 phone covers, 16 batches of chocolate brownies and has changed 68 times already!

The Kenny’s started off the race together, however Paul K had to stop to update the map every time one of the racers ran another mile so soon dropped off behind leaving Jo to Forest-Gump-it past Sharon Davies who slowed down to enjoy the scenery in the National Trust park.

Pheebs with her long stride really only took a few steps and managed to make it almost to Hayle on the A30, covering well over 10 miles in the first week, but just being overtaken at the last minute by Cath who assumed that her husband Richie Parker was in front unaware that he was still asleep in the starting car park!

George, another runner doubled the distance of Debs in the first week even after wavering slightly from the route to include a quick run up Chapel Carn Brea for more of a challenge.  Debs meanwhile had got caught behind a large group of men dressed as gorillas intent on drinking their way to Scotland!

And finally, Lorette - unaware of how many miles she had covered passed by all of the other Team Macy members intent on covering the miles in as little time as possible, but forgetting to check in at the check point.

As week 1 draws to a close the Team have covered approx. 3% of their goal.  Hopefully the slow starters will get moving after finishing Libby’s 16 batches of chocolate brownies and sleeping off the 12 bottles of prosecco and catch up with the others.

And so far the Team have raised £160 on their sponsor page!

Go Team Macy…..

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