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I am the Brown Owl of the 21st Watford Brownies, and also Helen’s Godmother, and whilst Amazing Macy was fighting for her life at the Royal Brompton I thought the girls could do something for PICU to thank them for what they were doing.

As you know, Macy lost her fight just before Christmas, but I still felt we would like to do something, so having checked with Helen and Paul that it was ok, we held a Sponsored Silence one Tuesday evening at the beginning of February.

The Brownies had been given sponsor forms a couple of weeks before, and on the night were not allowed to speak from the moment they walked into the hall until they left at 7.45 pm. They were absolutely amazing (just like Macy), as keeping silent is totally unknown for Brownies!

We ended the evening on a massive three cheers as they had done so well, and the best thing was – we raised £450 – well done girls!

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